Austin Pets Alive: Rehoming Animals with Unique Needs

Austin Pets Alive pic

Austin Pets Alive

Ramzi Khazen works as an associate with McKool Smith, P.C., in Austin, Texas. Involved in his community, Ramzi Khazen spends some of his time away from the office volunteering at Austin Pets Alive.

Austin Pets Alive has saved more than 25,000 animals since it began its rescue mission in 2008. Its programs target key pet demographics to rehome animals with unique situations. These programs include the dog behavior program, for dogs who need behavior modification training; the parvo puppy ICU; Dazey’s Ward, a quarantined space for treating cats with ringworm; and the barn cat program, which locates homes for undersocialized cats.

Austin Pets Alive encourages public involvement in several ways, one of which is the pet foster program. Foster families are required to provide food, shelter, and socialization to the pets in their care until permanent homes can be found. Another way to get involved is to volunteer at the organization’s shelter. Volunteers are required to enroll in training sessions and donate a minimum of six hours of service per month. More information on fostering and volunteering can be found at


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