Adopting from Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive pic

Austin Pets Alive

Ramzi Khazen has served as an attorney with McKool Smith, PC, since 2008. Outside of his legal work, Ramzi Khazen supports Austin Pets Alive! (APA), an organization that has provided animal rescue and adoption services to the Austin, Texas, region for more than eight years. In this time, APA has saved the lives of over 25,000 dogs and cats.

To begin the adoption process at APA, individuals should visit and browse the selection of dogs and cats. Some animals may live with a foster family rather than at the APA facility, in which case the organization can put potential adoptive parties in touch with the foster family.

APA encourages individuals and families to spend time with animals prior to taking them home, particularly when it comes to dogs. Adoptive parties must also meet all APA requirements before completing an adoption. Requirements include a meeting with an APA adoption counselor and completing a number of adoption forms and applications. The adoptive party must also be at least 18 and should preferably live within the Austin area, though exceptions can be made. For more information on adopting a dog or cat from APA, visit the organization online.


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